PowerPoint presentation design

3mb offers a very extensive services package in PowerPoint presentation design. For more than 20 years, many customers have been provided with a personalised service, supported, unburdened and advised. If necessary, work is done 24/7, with a lot of attention to quality and ease of use. PowerPoint presentations must, after all, make a right contribution to the purpose for which they are presented and look perfect. PowerPoint presentations and templates must also be easy to use, so that professional presentations can be created, adjusted and of course presented in the right house style quickly and efficiently.

3mb designs, builds and professionalises PowerPoint presentations for the business market. The possibilities are very diverse; with all aspects in the realisation of PowerPoint presentations, 3mb can be of service. Whether it concerns complete digital presentation toolkits or just a small part of a PowerPoint slide.

Below is a more concrete overview of the service package. Allow yourself 5 minutes to go through this entire page or use the navigation menu to quickly reach the subject of your choice. There is a good chance that you will encounter a PowerPoint design solution with which you can save yourself a lot of time, frustration and unnecessary costs.

Presentation set-up

Layout, structure and texts, optimally tailored to your target group and the purpose of the presentation. 3mb has extensive experience as a ghostwriter and gladly puts the acquired knowledge at your disposal.

Design and format

Everything stylishly designed and consistently executed in the same house style, implemented in logos, fonts, colours, shapes, bullets, backgrounds, photography, videos, charts, tables and flowcharts.

Basic format

Do you work in wide screen, 4x3 or in a different image ratio? And how big is the screen where the presentation eventually will be held? Everything can be customised in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint version

Many versions of the PowerPoint program have been launched over the years. These versions are not always interchangeable. That is why the version(s) you use is already taken into account during building.

Playing device

Some devices from which is presented (such as an iPad) ask their own specific (export) settings in PowerPoint. It is advisable to take this into account in the design.

The application

In addition to on-screen support for a speaker, PowerPoint can be used in many more ways, for example for posters, stationery, flyers, etcetera. PowerPoint often offers better solutions than other software.

PowerPoint presentations in your house-style

The company's house-style is an important factor in corporate identity. Through a consistent implementation of the logo, use of colour, shapes, typography, images and language in all external and internal communications, this identity is reinforced and the recognisability of the organisation is increased, with many advantages to follow.

PowerPoint presentations, however, often turn out to be the cuckoo in the nest. Where the other house-style communications fit perfectly together, the PowerPoints often stand out. With relatively small adjustments this can already be greatly improved and very user-friendly and therefore readily used PowerPoint templates and presentations can be created in your house-style, so that your company will always show off with the proper professional appearance.

Custom PowerPoint templates

Style and basic format recorded in well-functioning PowerPoint templates, including basic layouts, colour schemes, typography and, if required, user instructions, precisely tailored to the daily practice of the PowerPoint users at the client, with which over and over again presentations can easily be made in the proper house style.

PowerPoint animations and slide shows

With 1 mouse click directly to the next slide, step-by-step construction per slide or a fully automatic continuous slideshow with animations and slide transitions? Anything is possible.

Interactive PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint offers excellent possibilities to make slideshows fully interactive. By inserting a navigation menu, the story can be precisely tailored to the target audience and questions from the audience when giving a presentation. This makes PowerPoint also ideal for point of sale advertising, narrow casting or a showroom presentation, where visitors can navigate through the presentation themselves.

Converting graphic designs from Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and pdf to PowerPoint

A lot of graphic material is often already available, but does not seem technically suitable for, not interchangeable with or too big for PowerPoint. This can be solved with relatively simple interventions.

3mb often works closely with or on behalf of advertising agencies, communication agencies and graphic designers. Many of these professionals are excellent in their field, but less familiar with PowerPoint. The problem they often encounter is getting their often beautiful graphical designs translated into PowerPoint in such a way that the produced PowerPoint presentation or the produced template also works well and can be used easily by the customer.

What is an additional complication here is that each design program and each design has its own specific characteristics and can be converted to PowerPoint in different ways and in different degrees.

The way in which and the degree to which graphic designs can and should be converted into PowerPoint depends among other things on:

  • the customers’ wishes 
  • the design and the desired appearance
  • the extent to which the illustrations and shapes used must also be adapted in PowerPoint, in the areas of colour, shape, adding text, animations, etcetera
  • the fonts used and the extent to which they can and should be maintained in presentations and templates
  • limitations in maximum file size

In practice almost every graphic design appears to be feasible almost 1 on 1 in PowerPoint, as long as it can be shown on a screen.

This has the great advantage that no double work has to be done; the designer can design according to his wishes in the program of his or her preference and does not have to take PowerPoint into account. 3mb converts it to the style of choice and also explains why certain technical choices have been made in the conversion and use, with which any questions from the customer can be answered easily and correctly.

Commonly used file formats that can be converted:

Adobe Illustrator
(ai and eps)

Adobe InDesign
(indd and idml)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Acrobat

Other file formats

However, the service package is not limited to only these file formats. PowerPoint can work with many different formats. Think of jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, emf, cdr, QuarkXpress (qx), etcetera. Although all these formats are easy to be inserted by PowerPoint, it is often advisable to optimise them in advance; in many cases, these files make the PowerPoint presentation much larger than necessary, which makes it more difficult to send them, for example, by email. In other cases, the files are small enough, but the display quality is too low to be able to use them 1 on 1. Then an improvement is necessary first, which 3mb can also perform for you.

Converting Illustrator and other vector formats into PowerPoint shapes

In contrast to photo files, a vector file contains no pixels, but consists mainly of points, lines and mathematical definitions with which the mutual coherence is determined. For example, it is fixed from which starting points, which lines go to which end points, and in what thickness, colour, curve, angle, shape and with what effects takes place. Only the characteristics, positions and mutual relationships of the different parts of the vector file are thus recorded.

This gives vector files several advantages:

  • unlimited scalable while maintaining sharpness and quality
  • relatively small file size
  • standard free standing, so without background

Vector files can also be converted to PowerPoint. This gives them the same properties as normal PowerPoint forms; the colour can easily be changed, text can be added and a PowerPoint animation can be defined. And no matter how big the vector image in PowerPoint is made; the display quality remains good, while the presentation hardly gets heavier.

Vector files are available in many types. They are often recognisable by their file extension, such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), CDR (CorelDRAW), CMX (Corel Exchange), CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile), DXF (AutoCAD), EMF (Enhanced Metafile), EPS (Encapsulated Postscript), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), SWF (ShockWave Flash) and WMF (Windows Metafile). PDF files can also be vector-based. 3mb will be happy to help you convert vector files to PowerPoint for you.

Optimising logos for PowerPoint

Logos are available in many varieties and file formats. There is no fixed rule about how you can best insert your logo into PowerPoint, because this depends on the design of the logo, the quality of the supplied file, the file type, the design of the PowerPoint template and the application of the PowerPoint presentation.

When placing a logo in a PowerPoint template, an optimal mix between recognisability of the presenting party and practical applicability of the used slides must also be taken into account.

Icons, pictograms and symbols

These can clarify many issues at a glance. It can therefore have great added value to optimise your icons, pictograms and other symbols for or to convert to a PowerPoint object. This gives them the same properties as normal PowerPoint formats; the colour can easily be changed, text can be added and it can be used in a PowerPoint animation. Because PowerPoint formats are vector-based, another big advantage is that the display quality remains sharp, no matter how large the icon, pictogram or symbol in the PowerPoint presentation is made. Here too, 3mb can convert many graphic file formats into PowerPoint icons, pictograms and symbols.

Optimising videos for and inserting into PowerPoint

Videos can play an important role in PowerPoint presentations. After all, a well-chosen video helps to hold the attention of your audience and to reinforce your message. There is a lot of video material available in a variety of file formats. Some of those formats can be played 1 on 1 in PowerPoint, some other formats must first be edited and stored differently.

Each type of movie file has its own specific characteristics and not all PowerPoint versions work equally well with all file formats for video. Think, for example, of FLV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, H264, MOV, etcetera.

3mb will be happy to digitise, edit, edit and optimise the aforementioned film formats, as well as materials such as tape, VHS, DVD, YouTube and so on for PowerPoint.

Formatting of PowerPoint charts

Charts are particularly suitable to clearly display figures and trends and to provide insight into numerical developments. The reason why they are often used in PowerPoint. PowerPoint offers standard, extended options for displaying charts, with each chart type having its own specific characteristics, applications and peculiarities. The best known and most used are the bar chart, the line chart and the pie chart, but PowerPoint offers many more possibilities.

The service package of 3mb is also very wide. For example, think of:

  • Design, format and professionalisation of PowerPoint charts
  • Selecting the right graph for the presentation of the relevant figures
  • Ensuring that data from charts can be adjusted in PowerPoint
  • Adjusting colours, fonts and other style elements of charts
  • Adding animations and structure to charts
  • Designing and saving a new chart style as a chart template within PowerPoint
  • Converting images to editable charts
  • Converting charts from other software to PowerPoint

Custom PowerPoint solutions

What many users do not know is that PowerPoint can be used much broader than just as an on-screen support for a speaker and that the program offers a ready-made solution for many issues. The program itself often offers better solutions than other software. Below is a small selection of the many possibilities.

PDF files can also be created from PowerPoint, which makes the program, especially suitable to leave the presentation as a PDF at the customer or to send it afterwards.

Because the image format of a PowerPoint presentation can be set exactly to size, both in width and height, PowerPoint is perfectly suitable for creating (templates for) posters, flyers and newsletters. These can be printed directly from the program, but also be saved as a PDF, for example, and then sent to the printer.

PowerPoint offers the possibility to set up fully automatic slideshows, which play continuously and fully automatically. It is also possible to save these shows as an MP4 or other video file, with which the presentation, then became a video, which can be placed on YouTube or on a company website, for example.

A lot of things can be customised in PowerPoint. It is also possible to customise the bullets (which are always here and there in a presentation ;-)), so that, for example the logo or other recognisable corporate identity can be used as a bullet.

PowerPoint and Word can in many cases be used for the same solutions, such as posters, letters, memos and newsletters. Word is generally more suitable for working with large text documents over many pages, but – certainly in cases where several basic layouts in a document have to be used – Word may sometimes cause annoying layout distortions. PowerPoint offers better solutions in such cases.

Although the image ratio and size in PowerPoint is set in centimetres, it is perfectly possible to export internet banners from PowerPoint (whose ratio and size is defined in pixels) that can be placed on websites. Especially when you need to create banners very regularly, this can be a great solution.

In PowerPoint it is possible to program in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which makes it possible to automate and simplify matters by, for example, creating macros and automatic fill-in forms. It is also possible, for example, to customise a house style menu in the main menu of PowerPoint or to increase the interactivity of a presentation.

In PowerPoint templates, image boxes can be added, with which – by clicking on it and selecting an image – photos can be easily inserted into a presentation. These frames can have any shape, with which in a PowerPoint presentation or template images can be used in exactly the form of, for example, a corporate identity, logo or other distinctive house style.

Professionalising, optimising and fine-tuning existing PowerPoint presentations

Many of the aforementioned activities can also be applied to your existing presentations, varying from an improvement at detail level to a complete professionalisation or optimisation. Many PowerPoint presentations are already finished and are already frequently used, but with relatively small adjustments they can become more user-friendly, function better or contribute better to the intended result of the presentation.

3mb is also happy to assist you in this area. This may concern, for example:

  • Looking critically at the content of the presentation
  • Standardising and consistent implementation of the style used
  • Converting the presentation into a new house style with a new logo, different fonts and a different colour scheme
  • Adapting PowerPoint templates to a new house style, with which new presentations can easily be created in the correct house style
  • Optimising PowerPoint templates and making them work
  • Making the presentation more visual and attractive
  • Macros, add-ins and extensions to the PowerPoint main menu for increased ease of use
  • Adjusting the image ratio from standard to wide screen or vice versa
  • Creating an optimal balance between file size and display quality
  • Merging several PowerPoint presentations into one
  • Optimising videos for PowerPoint and making it work well
  • Optimising photos for PowerPoint
  • Applying interactivity to an existing presentation by adding a navigation menu
  • Setting up a slide show with animations and slide transitions
  • Adjusting individual slides or figures
  • Converting graphic files into PowerPoint objects
  • Optimising charts
  • Troubleshooting; solving technical or other PPT problems

Why 3mb?

  • made thousands of professional PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint templates for a very wide range of large and small clients, including more than 50 international A-brands
  • cooperates closely with or on behalf of advertising agencies and graphic designers where necessary
  • strong focus on quality
  • pragmatic no nonsense approach
  • broad orientation and solution-oriented working method
  • 24/7 mentality
  • over 20 years of experience in PowerPoint and many other (graphic) programs
  • Dutch, English and German speaking
  • works mainly for the business market and is very aware of what that market demands
  • one-man business, therefore high flexibility and no overhead costs

More information?

For more information or a further acquaintance without obligation, please contact Martin Brinkman.

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